Hello, it’s very nice meeting you. My name is Giselle and I’m the founder and editor of the Room Interior Design Online.

I am an interior designer in New York City. I come from a design background as a fashion accessory designer where I spent many years designing and coordinating lines for top manufactures and creating programs for retailers. This is prior to following my passion going back to school and getting my degree in interior design while opening my interior design business Giselle Ulmo Design.

I started Room Interiors Online as an extension of my interior design business with the simple aim to inspire readers and to help them create spaces they love no matter the budget. I looked for ways to give guidance that are tangible by creating a platform in which home owners and dwellers could get design help without the worries of an hourly rate and markups.

I started this platform when I was working on my house doing some home improvement projects, and received an inquiring from a client living in Florida. Her niece was looking for some design help and had a really tight budget but was willing to do some of the work herself. So I put a plan together a scale floor plan, furniture recommendation and color palette for her to design while using some of the items she wanted to keep. I did it all interactive and via online and it worked out great. She was so thrill with her apartment that I realize that there are people who just need some professional help and with some direction can achieve some wonderful spaces.

So I developed some great design services that can give individuals the opportunity to create spaces that reflect their vision within staying in their budget. In addition, I collaborate with other designers and with the same philosophy in mind and  have design spaces from small studios for a family of three ( it can be done ), a great dinning room with plenty of glam, a beach retreat. These are just a few of the completed projects and just added kitchen and bathroom to our services. I encourage you to check out our Design Help tab so you can see how we can help you. If you are working on a tight budget, need a scale drawing for a new renovation or are looking to revamp a room? We can help you create a room you will be pleased to come home to. After providing some detail information, we can produce a board of your new look, floorplan, and list of retailers where to purchase the items needed.

One big part of Room Interior Design Online is about sharing design ideas and projects you can do yourself. I am always collaborating with other designers, readers and friends. So keep an eye on our stories and open conversation about design inspirations, trends, and how we can help you make your home a place you love.


I live in New York City with my wonderful husband and daughter. We have a home and my studio in Upstate New York where we are surrounded by nature and we love to experiment on DIY project which I feature periodically on the site. I welcome any stories you might have that you want to share especially if it entails a renovation or and a DIY project you did for your space. Aside from my passion for design I am also fond of traveling and love to share images of my explorations. Check out our family images while traveling or just in our community. I volunteer in the comunnity by helping in our local food bank and community dinner which helps any neighbor who needs a little help with food or misses a warm homemade meal. I think is important to give back and trying to teach my daughter how to just give back without any expectaction back.

We are so fortunate and pleased you visit our site. Welcome to the journey, my new friend. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Room Interiors Online welcomes submissions from homeowners, stylists, photographers, designers and artists. We love to feature anybody who is helping the community and or have done a project with recycle materials. If you would like to introduce yourself, your work or your home, please email.

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If you would like to send samples of your work for review or be featured in our stories or upcoming store, so I can give you the proper address to send your samples to..

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