Everyone knows that kitchen and bathrooms….

Everyone knows that kitchen and bathrooms are the most expensive renovations you can do in your home. No matter what you are trying to do it involves the most money to tackle these rooms. In an upside they are the rooms that give you the best return on your renovations when selling your home and are important rooms we use every day. So with that being said how can you renovate a bathroom without breaking the bank?
For starters be realistic on what you can afford to spend, be willing to do some work yourself and get professional design help. I know what you are thinking. I can’t afford an interior designer or I don’t want the worries of hiring a designer with hourly rates and product markups. I get it but there are many designers that are extending their services with room planners or e consulting that allows for budget friendly professional help to does who might had not consider hiring a designer.

Bathroom Renovations on a budget

Here at Room Interiors Online we get questions of whether you really get good design service when you are doing these consultations via online. I will tell you that we are helping a great deal of people with renovations, decorating and interior design services. When you purchase a room planner you get a professional interior designer who in our case have experience with renovations, best product sourcing and design know how to create a room that you had envision. We start with a phone or skype consultation in which you get to tell us what you want to accomplish, once we understand your goals we put a plan together with floor plan, elevations, material and recommendations information that you can take to a contractor or tackle on yourself. Some of the benefits of a room planner are that it will allow you to plan, budget and think about how you want to proceed. We will guide you and advise you on things that you should consider when starting the renovations.
So the next time you are looking at your old bathroom and not sure how you want to start, let us help you put you in the right path to a beautiful room you can enjoy every day.

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