Green gardens come inside the home. That is what this trend is about bringing inspirations from nature, gardens, green field inside your home. We all want to be surrounded by nature no matter where you live in a tiny studio in the city, in a home in the dessert or a small town in the north.

These inspirations are easy translated into your home, by hanging images of plants and flowers, placing plants by the window or painting the color green in a wall in your home.  We are seeing this small garden patches being used inside the home, placing a smaller plant on your work table, and making groupings or art work that will make a statement.  We love the variation of color you see in nature we are featuring moss green, grass green and blue greys.  There something about these color combinations that we love.


Bringing the garden inside could really brighten up the winter months and give you inspiration during the cold months. Try making an herb garden in your kitchen window sill that you can use while you are cooking. I love having basil, mint and rosemary plants which are herbs I use all the time. Better yet many kitchen manufacturers are creating temperature control drawers where you can grow your own plants all year round no matter what is the temperature outside. Many people want to grow their own produce and this gives you the opportunity to grow them right in your own kitchen. So keep an eye of what is coming in the future kitchen.

Not only think of the kitchen as a great place  to have greenery another place that plants thrive is in the bathroom because of the humidity from all those hot showers. Imagine putting a few along a shelf against white tile. It will give you a burst of natural color.


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