Pipes are converted into lighting and bookcase that is just to name a few of the items you will be seeing that are industrial inspired.  This is such as a great trend and it is so popular because is nostalgic, vintage inspired and it incorporates items you might had not consider could create great furniture and details for your home. Galvanized metal and steel are in the front seat of the trends for the coming season. These are great character that we have been seeing in many furniture and home accessories.

Many furniture makers are making reproductions of items you would have found in workshops, factories and farms. They are made with metals, steels, plumbing pipes, wood crates and copper piping. The best way to incorporate industrial touches like these is they are mixed them in your design plan. We have included some images of items we love. Check them out and let us know if want us to design a room in your home using this trend we would love to feature a room in your home with this trend.

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