Is all you need to create these natural elements and accessories for you home. I absolutely love having things that I find in nature in my home. I have a great collection of seashells from around the World. I love cutting branches from my bamboo plant and using them as center pieces. It is always easier to find natural items in the summer but it becomes harder in the winter then I remember that every December my family takes a walk on the back of the property and there are always tree branches that have fallen that we collect for making fires in the winter.

John and I in our property

Here is my family in our property.

So I decided that would be my focus to give the readers ideas of cool things they can make with tree branches.  Just take a walk in the forest or go for a hike in the woods, there is always branches on the floor that you can use for these projects. That is something that is easily accessible and inexpensive. I would feature relatively easy project that anybody can tackle with just a few supplies from Michaels or local craft store or better yet things you have lying around the house. The beauty of nature is that there is that organic form and not one is alike just like branches so you can really personalized the look and really get creative. Here are some ideas. Anything you do is one of a kind which is the best of all.

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