The product is call JIX and we found them at the January NY NOW show. You could not help but notice the booth because it featured three big sculptures that where made of drinking straws. As soon as I spotted it I was intrigue and wondered how are these sculptures being built? They have connectors that you can combine with drinking straws in many configuration to create these unlimited sculptures. That is so cool. Right away I am looking closer and talking to Patrick who founded the company. He explained that JIX is a construction kit designed to work with standard drinking straws. JIX is a fun and educational toy, and a great way to create spectacular art, interior design or set design projects.


sculpture with straw

sculpture 3 sculpture 4 sculpture 6

I right away think this is so fun and I am always looking for my daughter and I can explore together while being creative. Also in the back of my mind I am also envisioning a cool hanging lamp created with straws.  I bought a kit with a box of straws and all and took it home. We waited till the weekend and broke the box open and here are some of the sculptures we came up with. Well mainly my daughter she had fun with it but I will be doing some soon. The beauty of this is you can take it all apart and introduce it when kids come over or you have a party and everyone can collaborate in creating new sculptures. I love when I find really cool creative products and this one is really awesome. If you would like to learn more about JIX and see their cool galleries check out the website:

DIY straw project

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