Your very own guided shopping design trip in New York City!

Customized Trips in Manhattan, does not include purchases, only shopping time.

2 HOURS $250
4 HOURS $450

We have design shopping trips packages that are affordable way to have a professional interior designer help you without having to be worry about hourly rates and markups.

Have you ever wished you could have interior designer take you shopping and show you the best stores in New York City. Perhaps you are looking for a great sofa and are not sure where to go or maybe you want some beautiful home accessories on a budget. Well this is the time to try our shopping trips which are  designed to provide a customized guided shopping trips to meet your needs.

We have designed a two hour and or four hour shopping trips in New York City with your special request and needs in mind. We start by communicating your preference and making a list of things you want to see. Secondly we schedule the best time you would like to meet and how we should best maximize our shopping time. Finally, we have full pack shopping trip that will not only inspire you, but will help you find all those great items that will make your home stand out.

We also have customized shopping trips at the Interior Design Centers in New York City! Imagine visiting beautiful interior design showrooms full of design inspirations. Not only will you see new furniture lines and home accessories. I can professionally shop with you in many showrooms that are for the trade only. We always take your budget in mind and there are plenty of options to keep things at retail level so we will take you to the best stores you could find great affordable furniture and accessories.

So let us design your next shopping trip!  Just email or call us so we can plan your next shopping trip in the city! Our shopping trips are affordable way to have a professional designer help you. To schedule your trip go to or contact us at

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